Donau Transcarpatica as a forwarding house will provide with priority the following types of transport on the relations as follows:

We have availability to take over goods for export from the central, southern and western areas of Romania, both in LTL and FTL regime and exclusively (general merchandise ADR) with van springs and tarpaulins. The trucks can be 13.6 m normal tarpaulins (h = 2.75 m) or Mega tarpaulins (h = 3m), also the possibility of transport with body trailers and / or refrigerators (van). Regular departures from Romania and Hungary for export to Western Europe: France, BeNeLux, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Serbia, England and more.

Road freight coverage, DonauTrans Carpatica

In France and especially in the North of France, we have weekly trucks with partial and full load (capacity 24to, with and without ADR, refrigerators). The Paris headquarters, in addition to logistics services (storage, cross-dock, picking), can also offer collection and distribution services in the area.

We have the availability of complete and 24t capacity trucks for the transport of general goods, in ADR and refrigeration regime in Northern Italy.

In the Ruhr basin in Germany we also have weekly trucks, available for full loads (24t capacity with and without ADR), group transport, sprinters with a capacity of 5 pallets and a capacity of 10 pallets.

The fleet owns normal and Mega tarpaulin trucks, trailer trucks, van sprinters and tarpaulin for full load and partial load of general cargo and ADR cargo in Spain, Belgium, Holland, Hungary. In emergency transit we have sprinter collaborators with a capacity of 5 pallets and 10 pallets (vans and tarpaulins)